Easter Eggman

starting the day by roasting garlic.

making roasted garlic mashed potatoes, pot roast, and a pecan pie. 
garlic is in the oven roasting, i’ve got butter freezing up for my pie crust.   in a little while i start prepping my chuck roast.   after that’s done i’ll peel/skin the potatoes.    

gonna eat good tonight. 

listening to best coast is such an counter intuitive experience.   i love BC but it makes me think about dumb things and people who aren’t in my life anymore.  but lately it’s all i wanna listen to. 


Record store day is the best.

so envious.




Always post the rules: Answer the questions the person who tagged you asked and write 11 new ones. Tag 11 new people.

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Bleargh, I usually dislike these thingies but I actually liked the questions so thur.

Always post the rules: Answer the questions the person who tagged you asked and write 11 new ones. Tag 11 new people.

my questions for you: 
1 - what is your most treasured childhood memory?
don’t think i have one.  for the most part i try not to think of my childhood.  not that it was particularly bad, but it’s nothing i look back on fondly. 

2 - if you could have one special power, what would it be?
invisibility.  i like to watch and study people so that would just enable the ultimate perspective.  

3 - what is your zodiac sign? do you think it suits you?
Virgo, but honestly i don’t care for signs and the whole bit. 

4 - what was your favorite band when you were 12?
most likely My Chemical Romance.   

5 - what is your favorite band now?
its hard to even say, i’ve been listening to a lot of paramore but they’re definitely not my favorite.  my taste changes so frequently its not even worth name one band as a favorite. because in 2 weeks ill be onto something else. 

6 - what is your greatest hope for the future?
to be happy, find my “person” and just be happy. 

7 - what is a common first impression people have of you?do you think it’s accurate?
probably that i’m quiet and mild mannered.   for the most part is true. 

8 - what was the name of your first pet? 
I had a little orange tabby cat named Kibby. 

9 - pet peeves?
small things annoying me.  overcofidence, people cutting chunks out of the cheese instead of using the grater. 

10 - what are you most proud of yourself for?
going back to finish school.  improving my self confidence over the past year or so. 

11 - if you could live forever, would you? why or why not?
I would not.  wouldn’t want to watch everyone i know die. 

new questions

1. what album/song do you put on when you’re sad?
2. who do you trust most?
3. what would you change about yourself?
4. the best thing someone has said about you?
5. do you remember your first phone number?
6. joy or happiness?
7. if you could would you make someone love you?
8. first thing you do in the shower?
9. cake or pie?
10. favorite TV series?
11. what was your last dream?

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Feeling of Love - Best Coast

Oh, oh, baby I want you to know
Just how much I like you
But I’ll never let it show
Because the moment that it happens
You’ll disappear
And then I’ll feel real stupid
And I’ll go back to sleep